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About us

Who we are

Sheloveit is an online fashion shoes retailer. We only focus on the field of women's shoes. Products on are being updated faster than most of its competitors, catering to the tastes of different customers. If you're tired of going out shopping, or if you’re looking for a distinctive style, then you have chose the right place, Sheloveit will meet your every requirements. Our target audience is the woman who is interested in fashion, no matter the age.

Our Team

Sheloveit wants to make sure it’s the place where creativity is rewarded and full potential is realized. Our team is very professional and every of us is firmly focused on our customer's needs. With the innovation from our design department, the wealth of experience from our purchasing department and supplier chain, we are rising to the top of the e-commerce fashion industry.

Price & Quality

Don't worry about the price, our products are absolutely excellent quality but reasonable price. So you can select what you like to your heart's content.

Our Goal

We will try our best to make our customers find their own fashion style here. Whether punk or elegant, lovely or vintage, if you want, you can find any suitable style. 
The customer is god, so you are our god. We offer you sincere service and appropriate suggestions to make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience. Quality is important, but service is more than quality.
Sheloveit aim to enter your life, serve your life and joy your life. We will make full effort to grow rapidly into a super international retailer. 

Believe Sheloveit, believe in yourself!